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Every Tri-Five Has A Story…And We Want To Hear Yours…

Russ Lindley Email Example

Russ Lindley Email Example – Click to Enlarge

Fred & Judy Kerr Email Example

Fred & Judy Kerr Email Example – Click to Enlarge

We have always said that every Try-Five has a story.  Either it was a car that has been in the family for generations, someone’s high school car that they still have, or any one of hundreds of other situations.  Regardless, the story or background of the car is as much a part of the car as the car itself.

We love to hear the stories and see the cars and we are positive that our fans and other customers do too: so we are asking you to share your story and car pics with us so we can show them off in our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter social media posts, emails and on our Blog.


So please send us your stories and pics…we can’t wait to share them with the world.

Just fill out the form below (don’t forget to tell your story) and attach your pics (max size 1MB) and hit send. We will do the rest…and Thanks in Advance for taking the time to share with us. We really appreciate it.

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