Danchuk Customer Tri-Five Chevy Car Photos & Stories Submission Page

Red 57, White 56, Blue 57

Since the show season was not getting off to a very good start we got to thinking about all the projects that have been completed since the 2019 show season ended and how it was a shame all these cool Tri-Five’s are not being enjoyed by their owners and shown off to the world. So we asked you to share your builds finished in 2019.  But we soon realized that we were limiting the number of cars you could share with us.  So.  Please share pictures of your Tri-Five Chevy regardless of when you finished it and give us a little background on your build.  As we get them we will be featuring them on our Blog, in our emails and in our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media posts.  We can’t wait to share your Tri-Five Chevy with the world.  Let’s see your ride!!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to send your information and let’s see those projects!!

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