14.3 Tech 55-56 - 009

14.3 Tech 55-56 – 009
Got a question on how to install one of our parts?  If you need instruction sheets or a copy of the install articles we run in our Newsletter you have come to the right place.  We have even posted some Install and Tech Videos to help you along.  Use the drop down at the top or click on the categories below to get to each page.

Reference Corner – Part comparisons, transmission sizes, production figures, how to measure for an aftermarket wheel….it’s all here and updated often.

“Ask A Danchuk Tech” Video Series – We started a “Live” Q & A series called “Ask A Danchuk Tech” on Facebook where you can ask our Danchuk Tech’s your burning questions regarding Tri-Fives. You can find the episodes here and on our YouTube Channel – Danchuk USA.

Install / Tech Articles – We have been doing tech articles in our Danchuk Update for years…here are the most popular.

Power Automedia Articles – Chevy Hardcore, Rod Authority – Sometimes we partner with the guys at Power Automedia on tech articles and different articles of interest to Tri-Five Chevy Fans.

Install / Tech Videos – We show you how to do all sorts of cool stuff.  Have a peek.

Instruction Sheets by Vendor or Part Category – Instruction sheets for as much stuff we sell as we can get the vendors to give us….for easy access when you lose the ones you got with the part and so you can see what you are getting into before making a purchase.

Manufacturer Specials & Rebate Offers – Sometimes you can find a deal here.

What Tech Video would you like us to do and post on our Danchuk USA YouTube channel? What Tech Article would you like to see in our Newsletter? Send us a message using the contact form below and let us know. If we use your idea we will give you a FREE Danchuk Tee Shirt in the size of your choice.