Cool Cars

Tim Perrin - Australia - 00003

Tim Perrin – Australia

We just revamped this section as it has grown since it’s inception in 2013.  You can get into each individual section through the dropdown as before or click on the link below.  Some of the categories have changed.

Customer Email Blast Cars – Beginning in 2019 we started to feature some of our customers cars in our Emails.  These are the corresponding blog posts which allows you to see full sized versions of the thumbnails in the emails.

Customer Car Stories & Interviews – Customer car stories which have been featured in the Danchuk Update over the years along with photos and customer interviews done by Christine Danchuk with Danchuk customers.

2020 Facebook Car Shares– We started featuring some of the car pics that were posted to our Facebook Wall in our emails again in 2020. Different Galleries for each email they were featured in.

Danchuk ’57 Restoration – 2019 – We update and make roadworthy our Red 1957 Chevy 2-door Hardtop “Lawn Art” turning it into the awesome “Red Sled”.

Danchuk Facebook Feature Cars – These are the Danchuk Facebook Feature Cars for each month and the winners of the Danchuk Facebook Feature Car Showdown which ran from 2012 thru 2018.

Danchuk 1956 4-Door Hardtop Restoration for SEMA 2015 – Pics and Video from the frame off restoration of our 56 4-Door Hardtop which debuted in our booth at SEMA in 2015.

Photo Contests – We often run photo contests where we will ask for customers to send us pics of their cars.  We just started one for Christmas which will become an annual thing where customers send in their Christmas themed photos and we are just about to launch a new one where we will be picking a Danchuk Customer Car of the Month to feature on our walls in Santa Ana, California for the world to see.  Stay tuned for that.

Other Bits – Posts that really do not have a place of their own….this is where we put them.