Danchuk Show Sponsorship Information Page


Did you know that Danchuk may be able to help you support your Tri-Five Chevy events?


Are you a Tri-Five Chevy Car Show Organizer or Tri-Five Chevy Car Club Officer?  If you are, then Danchuk might be able to help you with your Tri-Five Chevy Car Show.

If you are responsible for organizing a Tri-Five Chevrolet exclusive event or an event where you expect a lot of Tri-Fives to attend and would like more information, please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you shortly.

Click HERE to check out the Danchuk Supported Events Page.  Tons of pics from shows all over the world.

Please Note: If you send us your flyer, and we want you to, the maximum file size is 1mb and the file must be .pdf or .jpg ONLY.