About Us


Danchuk Manufacturing ®  The leader of the 1955- 1956-1957 Classic Chevy Restoration Industry.
Since 1976, when we turned out our first classic Chevy part, our 1957 parklight lens (Danchuk #494), it has been our policy to find ways to refine and improve our products and services.  Danchuk is constantly raising the bar for quality 1955-56-57 classic Chevy restoration parts by manufacturing parts that are superior to both the original parts and all other classic Chevy reproduction parts on the market today.  Danchuk takes pride in producing competitively priced, Made in the USA, classic Chevy parts that look better, fit better and last longer.  As a result, Danchuk remains the largest manufacturer and distributor of 1955- 1956-1957 classic Chevy restoration and performance parts in the world.

The Danchuk commitment to excellence.
Art and Dan Danchuk say that the biggest influence in a young boy’s life is their father.  This statement rings true for the Danchuk boys as both aquired their love for Chevrolets, as well as their afinity for tool and die making, from theirs.  The elder Danchuk instilled in his boys his love of auto restoration as well as the notion that in order to be successful in manufacturing  you had to produce the finest product possible, regardless of what that product might be.  In 1968, Art and Dan Danchuk became partners in Danart Tool and Die, where they manufactured and marketed their own line of surveying equipment.  Their commitment to excellence and their combination of knowledge and experience in tool and die and mold making soon allowed them to diversify their business and begin producing tooling for such distinguished clients as General MotorsIBMMattel ToysCragar WheelsXerox, and Teledyne.

The Danchuk’s love of auto restoration promted an entry into the world of classic Chevy reproduction parts in January of 1977.  Their initial success with their first part, our 1957 parklight lens, was so overwhelming Art and Dan made the decision to direct all their energy into manufacturing 1955-56-57 classic Chevy reproduction parts exclusively.  Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc. has been going strong ever since.  Each year we add to the list of “Made in the USA” classic Chevy parts we manufacture and distribute, making our selection of “Made in the USA” classic Chevy restoration and aftermarket parts the most complete in the industry.

At Danchuk, Customers are the Key.
Danchuk understands that the parts we sell and the services we provide are only of use to those who are restoring some of the most popular american made automobiles of our lifetime, the classic 1955-56-57 Chevy’s.  As the industry leader, we strive to make our customers experience doing business with us as enjoyable as possible.  When you call our company you will get a live operator who will transfer your call.  No machines answer the phones at Danchuk.  Our customer service representatives are classic Chevy lovers who are available to take your order over the phone and help you in any way they can with your project, be it advice on what to buy or advice on how to install what you have bought.  Danchuk is commited to taking care of our customers with the utmost excellence, because without our customers we would not be able to work in this industry we have all grown to love these past 30+ years.  We feel that treating our customers right and providing the best customer service possible is the key to running a successful business, along with offering classic Chevy parts whose quality is second to none.

Danchuk, Quality parts Made in the USA.
The heart of Danchuk is our manufacturing department.  Staffed with some of the most talented professionals in the restoration industry, all manufacturing is overseen by Art and Dan Danchuk.  Art and Dan’s hands on approach makes sure that every part we produce and offer for sale is the best it can be.  The Danchuk’s will not release a part until it is perfect, their reputation depends on it.  Only after all necessary research is done, and the tooling is perfect, do they allow our experienced and knowlegable production staff to begin production on a part.  In order to produce the extensive and diverse inventory of parts that Danchuk produces, extensive knowlege of manufacturing processes is a necessity and our staff is the best in the business.  From our beautiful reproduction grilles to our perfect lenses, the production team at Danchuk, in Santa Ana, California produces the finest parts available for your classic Chevy project.

The Danchuk Brothers feel very strongly about manufacturing in the U.S.A.  It upsets them to see the direction our country has taken by manufacturing so many products overseas.  These Chevy’s, that we all know and love, are truly icons of classic Americana.  Dan and Art feel that if you really care about preserving the intrgrity of our beloved classic Chevy’s you should demand quality parts that are “Made in the USA” by American workers.

The Danchuk In-House Art and Photography Department.
To keep up with our ever-growing product line Danchuk produces a new catalog every year as well as quarterly newsletters or “Danchuk Updates” and a Christmas Sale Flyer.  All the design and photography for our catalog and flyers is done in-house by the Danchuk Art Department.  The Danchuk Art Department also takes all the photographs for the parts on our website as well as designing and produceing all the ads we run throughout the year in publications like Super Chevy Magazine, Hemmings Motor News and Vette Views, to name a few.