1956 Chevy Lower Grille Mouldings Comparison Photos

Side-by-Sode 16811-10023. Click continue reading below for more pics.

Side by Side Comparison of 16811 and 10023.

We recently received a number of returns on part # 16811 1956 Lower Grille Mouldings because of a series of “pinches” in the ends of the part as a result of the manufacturing process. As it is made this way it is not defective with these flaws so we will not be responsible for shipping or return shipping if the item is returned.

We wanted our customers to see exactly what we are talking about so we took some photos of the # 16811 and our Made in the USA # 10023 to help you make an informed decision as to which part you want for your project.  In comparison the stainless part, #16811, is not as shiny as the chrome part # 10023 (stainless can look dull when compared to chrome) and it has the aforementioned pinches on the ends as well as visible machining ridges in the corners at the top.  Have a look for yourself.  Click the picture to see a full sized image.

Danchuk # 16811

Part # 16811 photo showing problem areas.  Click to see full sized photo.

Danchuk # 10023

Danchuk # 10023 Show Quality Part.    Click to see full sized photo.

Side-by-Sode 16811-10023

Side by Side Comparison of 16811 and 10023.    Click to see full sized photo.

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