Coronaviruis (COVID-19) Update


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Danchuk is located in Orange County, California, where a Health Officer’s Order was issued on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020. Our primary concern is the health and well being of our employees, customers, and vendors. We have implemented policies, as recommended by the Order, that will help protect everyone we work with and diminish the possibility of COVID-19 spreading throughout Orange County. Here are a few of the policies we have implemented:

• All employees will maintain a six-foot separation to the greatest extent possible (Social Distancing).
• We will monitor, and limit as necessary, our showroom traffic so that all customers can practice the recommended six-foot “Social Distancing”.
• Counter Customer Service Representatives will wear latex gloves when working with counter customers, and shipping personnel will wear latex gloves when handling parts and packages.
• Danchuk will not participate in shows or host events that will attract groups of people until health officials release us to do so.
• Danchuk will continue to sanitize our facility more frequently.
• Employees can choose to stay at home for the duration of this Order.
• We strongly recommend that any employee, customer, or vendor that has a serious chronic medical condition (like heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes), or has a compromised immune system remain at home consistent with guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health on Self-Isolation for Older Adults and Those Who Have Elevated Risk.
• We strongly recommend that any employee, customer, or vendor that exhibits mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 self-isolate themselves in their place of residence unless seeking medical care.
• Danchuk will continue to heed additional orders and guidance of the state and local health officials related to COVID-19.

As an auto-supply facility, Danchuk will remain open as long as auto-supply businesses in Orange County are allowed to remain open. If you are one of the customers that uses your Tri-Five as a daily driver (and we have met many of you that do), rest assured that Danchuk will be here as one of the few auto-suppliers that inventories maintenance parts for Tri-Fives.

We wish everyone good health during this international pandemic, and Danchuk is committed to be of service to you during and after this outbreak. Due to government regulations, we may experience delays during this season, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our very best to provide the best customer service possible.

In this season we are learning just how important Made in the USA products are to America. It is our hope, moving forward, that the Tri-Five community will choose to purchase their parts from Danchuk Manufacturing, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Made in the USA restoration parts for 1955-56-57 Chevrolets.

Thank you,

Danchuk Manufacturing

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