Second # B15938 – 1957 Chevy Smoothie Bumper – Photos

Since it is the time of the year we make our Seconds available to our customers we wanted to show you these too.  But this is a little different situation so we felt that more information was going to be necessary so we make sure everyone knows what the problems are with this part and why it is a Second.  Also, as these are no longer being produced the ones we have with this defect are the only ones left in the world.  As such, we cannot replace these Seconds with a First Run part if you are not happy because there are no more available.

The main reason these were deemed Seconds are pointed out in the photos.  It is an issue with the tool used to stamp these and it effects the bottom of the bumper at the curves where the front curves into the sides of the car.  The company making these has decided not to try and fix or replace the tool.  So there will be no more unless someone else decides to make them.  We took the photos of the problem areas and tried to point them out so there were no surprises.  We also took video so you could see how they looked from the front and all over.

We have a limited quantity of these Seconds with the same defect in each at the bottom of the curves in the corners.  Plating and such is pretty darn nice and the rest of the Bumper is very good…there may be a slight imperfection in the finish but it is a Second after all.  Have a look at the photos and see what you think.  We are selling these for 650.00.  Regular price was 774.95 when we had Firsts to sell.

When you buy one of these we will include a smoothie grille of your choice (you must change the grille as the smoothie bumper eliminates the bumper guards) at a 50% discount off retail.  Your choices are gold, silver or chrome with or without a provision for the grille bar.  At 50% off your price on the grilles would be….

Part #
Reg Pr
Gold “Smoothie”
Silver “Smoothie”
Chrome “Smoothie”
Gold “Smoothie” – GRille Bar Delete
Silver “Smoothie” – Grille Bar Delete
Chrome “Smoothie” – Grille Bar Delete
1957 “Smoothie” Bumper – Second

Now the Fine Print.

These are a NON-RETURNABLE ITEM.  NO returns will be accepted on these.

No returns is the reason for all the photos and total disclosure up front.  We don’t want you to be unhappy with your purchase.  Also, Danchuk WILL NOT be responsible for ANY shipping charges…and these bumpers are HUGE so the shipping is substantial.  We will be happy to provide a quote for shipping before you purchase but figure in the 125.00 to 150.00 or so range so you have an idea.  It could be more depending on where you live.

Photos of the bumper defects are below and if you click on them they will blow up to full size.  It is pretty easy to see the issues in the photos.  Honestly it is not that noticeable when on the car…maybe you won’t actually see it unless you really look.  But these are still not up to our standards so they are Seconds.

Click on the photo for a Full-Sized Version…then click again and it gets even bigger.  After you have looked over the photos and have an idea what you are looking for then scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the videos we took.  You can see better what the defect will probably look like on the car.

The first video shows the bumper on the table right side up.  At the bottom…especially on the driver side you can see how the defect affects the line of the bumper at the bottom.  In the second video you can see the ripples where the defect is on the inside of the bumper…in this video the bumper is lying upside down on the table.

Video ONE

Video TWO

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