Customer Car From Email 07/25/19

Check out the photos of this beauty. Her owner, George Civitelli, who happens to be the president of the Connecticut Classic Chevy Club,, sent them to us via email.

George writes: “I am a customer and have many Danchuk Parts on my car. My Unique 56 Chevy Dual Quad 4 Speed on the Column, with the OD Handle (which now serves as reverse) I purchased from Danchuk Many years ago! Original looking with a twist, take a good look at the wheels”.

We love the wires, George.  Do we spy a set of Rally Wheel caps behind them?  We love the rest of the car too, you don’t see many convertibles with a Batwing. And we have never seen a 4-speed on the Tree before…how cool. Must be a kick to drive!


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