Customer Car from Email Blast 07/19/2019

Jason Lawson sent us photos on Instagram of this beauty.  It is a 1957 windowed delivery which, was originally used in, well, let’s let Jason tell you.
Click on the pic to see a full-sized photo.  Click on view larger size at the bottom right to see the pic even bigger.

Jason writes:

Here’s some info on my car, it’s a rare 57 150 window delivery in original paint with the original government logos on the doors.  It’s a Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs car.  Its come to be known as “the Indian”.  It spent its life up intill 1965 on the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Reservation in N. Dakota.  It, along with its twin, was sold in 65 to a local guy who pulled the motor and trans out of my car and put the car aside.  Its twin lived on into the 80’s then was found crushed in a local junkyard in N Dakota. My car sat till I got it last year in March. I rebuilt the whole car in 3 months and had it at the Tri5 Nationals in August.  I had to tow it last year as I only had 1 mile on the car the day I was leaving.  I plan on driving it to the Nats this year.

Thanks for sending these, Jason.  Looks nice on the Lawn.

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