Danchuk Customer Car Photo Shoot – May 14, 2019


Danchuk – 57 2-Door Hardtop

For 2019 (and beyond) we are expanding our show schedule and we wanted to do a cool backdrop for our display booth that featured a solid red ’55, solid white ’56 and solid blue ’57…to signify that Danchuk is Made in the USA.  Our Art Director, Natalie, also had some ad ideas that would require solid black cars, one of each year. Unfortunately we only have the “Red Sled”, our ’57 2-door hardtop and our red ’57 Nomad, that are one solid color. Everything else is two toned. So we put out a call to Danchuk Customers via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in various forums to see if we could entice people to let us shoot their cars for our backdrop and Ads. As usual, the Tri-Five community (and Danchuk Customers in particular) didn’t let us down. We got hundreds of photos of potentials (Thank You to all that responded..you will see your cars in another post) and although it was tough…we were able to narrow it down to 6 cars.

Answering the call and taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet us for a day at Red Gum Studios, were…

Bill Demont – Black 1955 2-door hardtop.
Lou Bautista – Black 1956 2-door sedan.
Ron Aycock – Black 1957 2-door hardtop.
Doug Welch – Red 1955 2-door hardtop.
Ray Salsman – Pearl White 1956 4-door wagon.
Tom Navlan – Blue 1957 2-door hardtop.

Each of these cars are drop dead gorgeous and we are estatic that these guys agreed to help us out. A very large THANK YOU to all. You made our little photo shoot a rousing success. We got tons of awesome photos and some pretty nice video too. Thank you for all your help. You will be seeing your cars everywhere…


Check out the Facebook LIVE videos that Mike Martin did for us from the shoot and the gallery of still photos that we have at the end of this post. A good time was had by all and we hope to do it again next year with a different group of cars and awesome Danchuk Tri-Five Customers. Till then……























Click on the thumbnails below to see a full sized photo.

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