Automobile Driving Museum Tri-Five Chevy Show – April 13, 2019

These are some pics and some video taken at the Tri-Five Show held at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California.  This was their 2nd Tri-Five Show and we have to say that the turnout was excellent.  Really nice day and lots of really nice cars. Mike and Sharon took our Red 57 out to show it off after our frame off refresh job that Aaron over at Orange County Hot Rods did for us last month.  Aaron did a killer job of updating the car and getting it back to show condition.  Even though we hardly drove it before it was still much in need of TLC after 12 years sitting on the lawn in California doing it’s stint as “Lawn Art”.  You should see the newly revamped (and renamed) “Red Sled” at a lot more shows in the coming years.

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