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Danchuk News…   

“Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of Street Outlaws Star (and Drag Week Legend), Jeff Lutz, for the 2019 season.”

We first became aware of Jeff, owner of Lutz Race Cars in Callery, PA, when we started seeing various video clips on YouTube of a wicked black 1957 Chevy pulling insane numbers on the dyno and running down different tracks. Just teasers for us. From then on we followed Jeff around the Internet.

The first, yes first, of the 57’s Jeff would build was called “The Beast”. Built for the 2012 season “The Beast” sported a methanol burning 632 CI 2500 HP twin turbo charged BBC that became immensely popular with the folks that watched Street Outlaws (On Discovery) and wreaked havoc on all comers.

Jeff and his son, Jeff, Jr. followed that car up in 2014 with an almost identical car they called “Evil Twin”. Same engine specs but now with a full weight saving fiberglass body with carbon fiber components and Optic Armour composite windows. The car weighed in at only 3100 pounds with Jeff in the driver seat, a full 800 lbs less than “The Beast”. “Evil Twin” regularly ran 6.70 times in the quarter and almost won the 2014 Drag Week event loosing by a factor of less than 0.001 second.

At the Inaugural Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in 2015, Jeff and his son drove the “Evil Twins” a number of times down the drag strip at Beech Bend Raceway to the delight of the crowd. If you are a Tri-Five fan you haven’t lived until you have seen an almost identical pair of 57’s blasting down the quarter mile. Truly a sight to see.

We’ll get to the third 57 that Jeff built, but we would be failing him big time if we didn’t mention Jeff’s crowning glory accomplishment (to date) with his ’69 Camaro Street Legal Pro Mod “Mad Max”, now the “Fastest Street Legal Car” in the world. On November 10th. 2016 at the Street Car Super Nationals in Orlando, FL Jeff became the second car in history to run in the 5.80’s and with a record setting run of 5.87@ 251.30 he took the crown away from Larry Larson who had run a 5.89 the previous year at the event in Las Vegas. A record that Jeff promptly broke with a 5.85 @ 250.27. “Mad Max” is still the fastest “Street Legal” car to this day.

The third 57 that Jeff and the crew at Lutz Race Cars built, and the one he is campaigning now, debuted at the 3rd Annual Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in 2017. Painted a stunning bright yellow and sporting a downsized 3500 HP BBC (only 540ci), again with twin turbos, the car took the show by storm with runs that he would not let us see numbers for. No doubt so he did not tip his hand as to how fast the new car was. Simply named “The 57” this new car has become probably the most photographed 57 Chevy in history. It was built to replace his ’69 Pro Mod Camaro and we read that preliminary times put the car just a 10th of a second off the Camaro. Impressive, and truly a force to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to see how many times this car will be in the winners circle during Drag Week and on Street Outlaws, which airs on Discovery. Jeff also races many, many other places. So if you get a chance to see him run, make sure you go. You will not be disappointed.

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