Danchuk Seconds Sale Starts Wednesday, September 12 @ 7AM PDT

Danchuk Seconds SaleMark your Calendar and Save the Day!  The Danchuk Seconds Sale begins at 7AM Sharp on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018.
Click HERE to see the items that will be available this year.

Why Seconds? Well, our Quality Control Department are very very picky so every part we make doesn’t always qualify to be deemed a First Run part. These seconds are parts with slight blemishes in the finish that we can’t sell as First Run. They are still the same quality in fit that you have come to expect from Danchuk, with slight irregularities. Bad for us but good for you because you can buy them for your project and save big!

We will have the whole company manning the phones starting at 7 am PST to take your Seconds Sale orders. Call early for the best selection and if you get a busy signal keep trying. Things get a little hectic at first, but everyone will get thru.

And remember…
Just because it is not in the list of available Seconds does not mean we don’t have it available. If the quantities we had on hand were too few to warrant advertising the part we didn’t, so feel free to ask for any part we manufacture as a Second….you might get surprised!

Sorry, Seconds cannot be ordered from our website, only by phone.

No Seconds Sale orders will be taken prior to 7 am PST on Wednesday, September 13th.

Call 800-648-9554 on Wednesday September 12th to order!

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