How to Vote in the Danchuk Facebook Feature Car Showdown

How to Vote in the Danchuk Facebook Feature Car Showdown.

Tip:  Click on the pictures to see them much much larger!!

Step One to Vote
Go to our Facebook Page.
You are probably already there.
Or at least you were.
Click on POLL on the left side menu as shown.
Step Two to Vote




When you click on POLL
the window at the left will open.
This is the Voting Page.
Feel free to read what is there
and to click on the link to see
full sized images of the Contestants.
Then, Scroll down.
Step Three to Vote

There are 12 cars in our contest,
one for each month of the year.
Scroll down to look at all the cars
and choose one that you like the
best. Click to Highlight that picture like we did in the pic to the left. Area
around the pic will turn pale yellow.
This will be the car you are voting
for. Then, Scroll Down.
Step Four to Vote

Once you reach the bottom of the page you will see a button on the left
that says, “Submit”.
Click it. The button that is.

That’s it. You just voted Thank YOU!  Please ask all your friends to vote too.
You will be helping someone win MONEY!

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