Facebook Feature Car of the Month and Feature Car Showdown Info

  • December Winner!  190 Cecelia Trevino Esqueda – USA
  • January Winner! Bob Lavoie
  • November Winner!  065 Donald Joseph – USA
  • First Place, Marvin Meyer, November
  • Second Place, Shelley Molea, October
  • Third Place, Joe Oliveira, May
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  • 3

Facebook Feature Car of the Month and Feature Car Showdown Info

These are the rules and conditions for the Danchuk Facebook Feature Car of the Month and the Feature Car Showdown.  All winners for the Feature Car of the Month are chosen totally at random using a random number generator found at RANDOM.ORG.

1. You must post your pic in the current year to be eligible. We choose a car in January thru December for Feature Car of the Month, but our Feature Car Showdown is in December so your car must be posted between December 1 and November 30th to qualify for the contest.
2. Your car must be a 1955-1956 or 1957 Chevy car. Feel free to post other years and trucks to our page, but we cannot include you in the contest.
3. There will be one entry per vehicle allowed. If you have multiple vehicles then you may have multiple entries.
4. Winners are announced around the 1st of each month. Monthly winners get a free Danchuk Catalog Tee in the size of their choice.
5. In December we run the Danchuk Feature Car Showdown. In this contest the winners from January thru December go into a contest where the Facebook Fans vote for their favorites. This contest runs thru New Years Eve. There are three winners. First place wins a 500.00 Danchuk Gift Credit, Second place wins a 250.00 Danchuk Gift Credit and Third place wins a 125.00 Danchuk Gift Credit.
6. A single car or person can only win these contests every 5 years. So if you win in 2015 you cannot win again until 2020. We do this to give everyone a chance.


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