Customer Cars From Email Blast 01/27/2022
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their pics and car stories with us. If you would like to share your car and story too just go to and follow the directions.

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Our first up this time is this beauty sent to us by Casey Mulivrana. Thanks for sending the pics and your story, Casey.

Casey Mulivrana - 00004

Casey Mulivrana – USA

Casey writes … “This is a project my father started. We’ve recently upgraded the engine from the original inline 6 to a freshly built 350. Next I’m working on some new interior, and hoping to do some suspension upgrades. I’m proud to continue my father’s work on this car. We could not do it without Danchuk”!

Thanks for being a Danchuk Customer, Casey!!

Richard A. Garduno sent us this pic. Thanks for sharing, Richard. You did a great job on the restoration.

Richard writes… “My grandfather gave me this car when I was 16, he purchased it brand new in Pueblo Co., that was in 1973. Complete restoration 5 years ago”.

Richard A Garduno - 0001

Richard A Garduno – USA

Next up is this cool 55 sent to us by Dee Heath. Very nice, Dee.

Dee writes… “This is my 23rd 55. It has a 350, 450 horse. Turbo 400, 331 posi. Enjoy this car very much”!

Dee Heath - 0001

Dee Heath – USA

Last but not least we have this gorgeous ’57 sent to us by Doug Gist.

Doug writes… “I bought my Bel Air in 1971 as a rolling wreck. worked on it and kept it through high school, married and raised a family with it, and let it go in 2000. Couldn’t stand the loss and looked for it for a number of years, finding it out of state years later and the owner wanted to sell. The car is back to stay and I continue to improve on what it has along the way. If all goes as planned, we will make the trip to Kentucky this year”.

We hope to see you, Doug. Good luck! –Danchuk

Doug Gist - 0001

Doug Gist – USA



Every one of these cars has a story…and we want to hear yours. Please go to and follow the instructions to send us YOUR car story and pics. WE PROMISE that if you do we will feature them on our Blog, in our emails and in our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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