Customer Cars From Email Blast 12/16/2021
The first pics for today are of this beautiful totally original 1955 wagon sent to us by Carlos Waked in Columbia. Thanks for sharing, Carlos. You have kept her in perfect condition.

Carlos Waked - Columbia - 00004

Carlos Waked – Columbia

Carlos writes… “I am pleased to present my Chevy 55, it has been in the family for more than 50 years, always preserved in its best possible state of originality. It is located in Colombia”.

This next group are from David Huck. What a beauty, David. And thanks for the extra pics. They came out great.

David Huck - 00006

David Huck – USA

David writes… “We have owned our 1956 Handyman since the early 90s. It came with a 327 4spd. We have had a 402 big block, 400 & 350 small blocks with an automatic. Getting ready for body work and paint, We will put the 327 back in with a 4spd, v-gate shifter for awhile and then switch to the TKO 600 later on, we show our 56 with our 13 ft. Scamp trailer”.

David Huck - 00008

David Huck – USA


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