Customer Cars From Email Blast 11/19/2021
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their pics and car stories with us. If you would like to share your car and story too just go to and follow the directions.

Click the pic for a better look.


Check out this cool ’57 owned by Dan Pagniozzi. Awesome, Dan. Thanks for sharing.


Dan Pagniozzi – USA

This beauty was sent to us by Barry Manfrina. Very nice, Barry.

Barry Manfrina - 00003

Barry Manfrina – USA

Barry writes… “I am the 2nd owner of this 1956 Sport Coupe, my Uncle having bought it new in 1956. It will definitely stay in the family. The car’s story that we use at car shows is in the 3rd photo (have a look at the show story by clicking HERE).

Barry Manfrina - 00002

Barry Manfrina – USA

Lee Keller sent us these pics of his herd. What a great looking bunch, Lee. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lee Keller - 00005

Lee Keller – USA

Lee Keller - 00001

Lee Keller – USA


Lee Keller - 00004

Lee Keller – USA



Every one of these cars has a story…and we want to hear yours. Please go to and follow the instructions to send us YOUR car story and pics. WE PROMISE that if you do we will feature them on our Blog, in our emails and in our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Check out all the Email Customer Cars to date by clicking HERE.

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