Customer Cars From Email Blast 11/11/2021
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their pics and car stories with us. If you would like to share your car and story too just go to and follow the directions.

Click the pic for a better look.


This first pic comes to us from Jim Kroboth. Jim told us this was a 9 year body off build he finished in 2015. Awesome, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

Jim Kroboth - USA

Jim Kroboth – USA

This next group of pics were sent to us by Jaime Figueroa.

Jamie writes… “I purchased this 56 Belair approx. 6 years ago. I have been slowly restoring it. It is a pleasure to drive of owning a 56-57 Belair”.

–Your ’56 is really nice, Jamie. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jaime Figueroa - 00001

Jaime Figueroa – USA

Jaime Figueroa - 00002

Jaime Figueroa – USA

This last group were shared with us by Wm. Kevin Schwan. Have a look at this beast.

Wm Kevin Schwan - USA - 00002

Wm Kevin Schwan – USA

Kevin writes… “This was a dream of mine since I was young and became renewed when I entered the Air Force in 1979. This car was found by my Son and Wife 6 years ago and has now been transformed into my reality of a 1957 Pro-street. Meant to be in my family as it was manufactured in my birth month 64 years ago – I am very excited about sharing this car with others at various car shows – particularly the Goodguys show in Fort Worth Texas”.

–Awesome ride, Kevin. We love it.



Every one of these cars has a story…and we want to hear yours. Please go to and follow the instructions to send us YOUR car story and pics. WE PROMISE that if you do we will feature them on our Blog, in our emails and in our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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