Danchuk 1955-1956-1957 Bel Air Side Stainless Moulding

Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a complete line of Bel Air side stainless trim for all of your restoration projects be they a 1955-1956 or 1957; 2-door or 4-door. And they are all made at our Facility in Santa Ana, CA.

1955-1956-1957-Red-White-Blue Cropped

Let’s start off with our 1955 Bel Air Side Stainless Moulding. Made 100% in the USA from the same top quality polished “Auto Brite” material that Chevrolet used 60 odd years ago this is the finest quality stainless you will find anywhere for your project. And we made it for all the Bel Air models including the 4-door.

1955 Bel Air Side Stainless Moulding

1955 Front Fender Moulding Video

Putting pre-cut flat stainless piece into machine and first hit.

Cleaning tooling for next hit and loading part.

Final hit to put in the inside lip so the clips can be attached.
Finish grinding or sanding to remove burrs from the manufacturing process.

1957 Bel Air Side Stainless Moulding

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