Customer Cars From Email Blast 05/27/2021

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to send in your car pics and stories. This group are more from February 2021 with only one or two car pics.
Click the photos for a better look.
This first pair were sent to us by Marty Brown. Thanks, Marty.

Marty Brown - USA - 00001

Marty Brown – USA

Marty Brown - USA - 00002

Marty Brown – USA

Next we have these two from Gene ?Austin. Thanks for sharing, Gene.

Gene writes… “Just got done restoring my ’57 that took me about 3 yrs to do. It turned out pretty good thanks to company’s like Danchuk. I bought the car down San Antonio Texas………….

I also have a ’55 & ’56 Chevy that I will be redoing this year with the help of “Danchuk” parts. Not only is it fun to work on these cars, but, ITS A PART OF LIFE”.





This next one was sent in by Dennis McGranaghan. Thanks, Dennis.

Dennis writes… “Way back to 1969. 55 Chevy Bel Air 2 door wagon. My friend’s 56 Nomad behind mine. Have to admit, his was the nicer car. Had to sell before going into the Marines”.

Dennis McGranaghan - USA - 0001

Dennis McGranaghan – USA

Herb Harville sent this beauty to us. Thanks, Herb.

Herb Harville - USA - 0001

Herb Harville – USA

Lynn Cocozzella sent us this pic of her husband’s 56.

Lynn writes… “My husband acquired his 56 Chevy from his father when he was 13 years old. He is now 63 years old. He’s put a lot of sweat and hard work and money into this I’m having a hard time finding the picture, he is so proud of this he watches all the Chip Foose anything to do with cars he’s on every car show imaginable I’m so proud of him”.

Awesome 56, Lynn. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Cocozzella - USA - 0001

Lynn Cocozzella – USA


We have always said that the story behind these cars is as much a part of the car as the car itself, and this story about Kent’s ’57 is a great example of this. We would love to hear your car story and see your pics and we think other customers and Danchuk fans would too. So please go to and follow the instructions to send us YOUR car story and pics. WE PROMISE that if you do we will feature them on our Blog, in our emails and in our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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