Danchuk Lawn Pics – Elaine Francisco

Elaine Francisco brought down this gorgeous ’57 convertible which she said she has owned for years. Thanks for coming down, Elaine. Absolutely beautiful.

Click the pic for a better look.

Elaine Francisco - 00002

Elaine Francisco – 5-6-2021

Click the pic below for a better look. Then, look at the bottom right where is says open full size image. Click that and get a really big pic to look at.  If you see a plus sign on your cursor then click again…bigger still.


Want to see your car up on the Lawn at Danchuk? If any customer (or Tri-Five fan) who ives local to us in California or any customer who may be in the neighborhood with their Tri-Five wants to get their cars pic taken on the lawn please send an email to Mike Knibb, our Assistant General Manager, letting us know. You can work out a time with him so we know when to be ready for you.

Come on…we want to see your car. And we promise to use the pics in our emails and social media.
Mike’s email is… mknibb@danchuk.com


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