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What is the best type of advertisement you can have when your business is restoration parts for Tri-Five Chevy cars? A Tri-Five Chevy, of course…

20 years ago we decided we wanted to put a car on display up on he lawn in front of our building in Santa Ana, CA…kinda like what you see at a dealership…only a Tri-Five.  We thought it would look cool and we had a beautiful red and white 1956 Convertible we wanted to show off.  A very nice numbers match all original car. 

So, We leveled off the hill to the right of the front entrance and put in a concrete pad and driveway of sorts that led down to the parking lot. Turned out to be perfect and quite the site when you drive by on the freeway. We can’t tell you how many people get off the freeway and drive over to have a look at the car.

We also can’t tell you how many people bring their cars with them when they come to get parts, or to just walk through our Showroom and Museum, who ask if they can get a shot of their car on the lawn. Of course, we always say yes.

Which leads us to this offer. If any customer (or Tri-Five fan) who ives local to us in California or any customer who may be in the neighborhood with their Tri-Five; if you want to come by and get your cars pic taken on the lawn…we want to hear from you. We thought of just saying come on down, but we quickly realized that we don’t always have someone here who can take the pics and helpers to move the cars around. So, if you are interested, please send an email to Mike Knibb, our Assistant General Manager, letting us know you would like to have your pic taken on the lawn. You can work out a time and we will be sure to be set-up when you arrive. Of course, you get copies of all the pics we take (you can take as many as you like), along with bragging rights when we feature your car in our emails and our Social Media posts. Click HERE for an example.

We hope to hear from you.  And we want to see your car.

Mike’s email is… mknibb@danchuk.com


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