Danchuk Contest and Game Rules – REV 2-10-2021

The Rules 2021
These are the rules that govern players and winners of any Danchuk Contest or Game, Revised 2-10-2021.  Please note:  To qualify to play or win a Danchuk Contest or game contestants must live within the borders of the Continental United States.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • All entries must be provided within time frame listed in each contest or game to be valid.
  • All entries must be provided before the cut-off number of winners listed for each contest or game has been reached to be guaranteed a prize.  Correct or winning answers that are provided after the number of designated winners has been reached will go into a drawing to be the last winner.  (E.G. If your correct answer is number 15 thru 50 in a contest that limits the winners to 14 then answers 15-50 will be put into a drawing to be winner number 15).
  • Contestants can only win 1 (one) time every 10 (ten) weeks.  If a correct answer is provided by someone who has won in the 10 weeks prior to the contest or game date in question the answer will not be counted for that contest or game.  These answers will be noted when the results are posted and will be part of a contest or game to be announced in the future.  
  • Danchuk reserves the right to end any contest or game at any time, or for any reason, at their sole discretion.
  • Participants or Players do not need to be Danchuk customers to participate or win any contest or game put on by Danchuk.  They need only live within the borders of the Continental United States.
  • Any information provided to Danchuk will be used by Danchuk solely within the context of the contest or game and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Danchuk will never sell or share your information with anyone at any time.