Customer Cars From Email Blast 11/26/2020

We get a lot of customers who only send one pic with their car story.  This time we are featuring 4 of the cars that we got only one pic of.

  First off is this beautiful pic of her ’57 sent to us by Lisa Davies from Australia.

Lisa writes… “Bought my 57 about 8 years ago, it’s always been my dream car. She now lives in Port Lincoln, Australia”.

Thanks for sharing, Lisa.  Love what you guys did on this. 

Lisa Davies - Australia

Lisa Davies – Australia

Next we have this ’56 drop top that was sent to us by Marylou H. Moretti.

Marylou writes… “In 1964 I purchased this beauty.  I was so excited.  My mother wished I keep my bedroom as clean as I did this car and my boyfriend who said I loved the car more than him.  So true! lol”.

Thanks for sharing, Marylou. We love it.

Marylou H. Moretti - USA

Marylou H. Moretti – USA

Next up is this beautiful ’57 2-door sedan sent to us by Richard Morganti.

Richard writes… “My dad and I restored this 210 over the last 32 years.  An all custom restoration.  Being recently willed to me, this car will always be more than a classic car to me.  The memories made with my Dad and I over the years will never be lost. Love you dad”!

Thanks for sharing, RIchard. Looks like a real winner to us!

Richard Morganti - USA

Richard Morganti – USA

And last we have this ’55 2-door sedan sent in to us by John Pereira.

John writes… “This 1955 Chevy took five years to build and was built from the ground up for my wife Sheila.  This Chevy is no ordinary Chevy.  This Chevy has a 350 small block engine and a 700 R4 Transmission.  I took parts from a newer car and removed the power windows, sunroof and power antenna and modified it to fit this 1955 Chevy.  The inside dash and hood are from a 1960s Impala and the center console was built from scratch in my garage by me.  The license plate is frenched in and I’ve added a custom brake light in the shape of a chevy symbol. This Chevy is very unique.  The paint is PT Cruiser Purple and was picked by my wife. 

Thank you, Danchuk USA, for the opportunity to share our story”. 

Thanks for sharing, John. What a beauty.

John Pereira - USA

John Pereira – USA

…Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics.  We are looking forward to seeing more of them real soon.

If you have not sent in pics of your car. please go to 

and follow the instructions to send us YOUR car story and pics. WE PROMISE that if you do we will feature them on our Blog, in our emails and in our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Come on…let us show the world YOUR Tri-Five.

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