Customer Cars From Email Blast 8/25/2020

Bob-Pavlik-1955 Chevy Cropped

Bob Pavlik 1955 Chevy – USA

This week we are featuring a 1955 2-Door Sedan owned by Bob Pavlik (His video interview from 2015 follows). This car is a real beauty and the pics do not do it justice. Thanks for taking the time to share with us Bob. We really appreciate it.

Bob writes…

“My 55 is a Tribute to the 55 in the movie “American Graffiti“.  Most people ask why did you cut those rear wheel wells? Actually the whole rear quarters are new steel for a 55 Nomad. The car has a 383 Stroker,4 wheel disc brakes, Tremec 5 speed, Ford 9”, Del Ray interior, 6 point roll bar and ladder bars. It is definitely an attention getter at shows.
My Favorite comment at a car show was from Two Hardcore Ford Guys, ”This is the only Chevy I would be proud to own”. I am a senior, disabled Veteran so my drag racing days have come to an end, but I continually improve my 55-210 and bench race at shows.
One item I wish was available is a Battery operated clock 9volt. For us guys who Park our vehicles for 3-4 months. This would have zero drain on our 12v electrical System and easier on Battery Tender, Just a Thought.

Thank you Danchuk for your support and mailing out your parts book at no cost to Us Tri-Five Folks. Your customer service has always BEEN OUTSTANDING.

PS..This ’55 was one of the earlier ones to have a video taken at Danchuk with Christine. Essentially I picked her up in my 55 then we drove to your “Malt Shop” where we sat on stools and discussed my 55.

Thank You, Bob Pavlik”

“Thanks for the kind words Bob. We put the video next – Danchuk”

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