Origin of the Chevrolet Bowtie

BowTie Vintage

BowTie Vintage

A couple of years ago we were researching an article for the “Danchuk Update” about the origin of the Chevrolet BowTie. We came across a great article that was written by Kenneth Kaufman which appeared in the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America) club magazine, G & D, (Generator and Distributor), in 1990. We contacted Ken was nice enough to allow us to share that article with our readers. We recently found it again and thought you might like to read it. So, here you go. Just click on the image below and you can read the article as it appeared in the Danchuk Update, Volume 15, Issue 1.

Origin of the Bowtie Header

Origin of the Bowtie Header

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Customer Cars From Email Blast 01/27/2022

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their pics and car stories with us. If you would like to share your car and story too just go to www.danchukusa.com/2020car and follow the directions.

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Our first up this time is this beauty sent to us by Casey Mulivrana. Thanks for sending the pics and your story, Casey.

Casey Mulivrana - 00004

Casey Mulivrana – USA

Casey writes … “This is a project my father started. We’ve recently upgraded the engine from the original inline 6 to a freshly built 350. Next I’m working on some new interior, and hoping to do some suspension upgrades. I’m proud to continue my father’s work on this car. We could not do it without Danchuk”!

Thanks for being a Danchuk Customer, Casey!!
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