From Lawn Art to Red Sled – Upgrading An Older Restoration

Before. The car as it was done in 2006. Body off, acid dipped, Morrison GT55 chassis, Edelbrock crate motor, custom interior, painted Torch Red, American Racing Wheels…and on and on…nice car.

After. The car after the update and frame off for 2019.

Back in 2006 Danchuk conducted an experiment.  We always said if you had a body you could build an entire car out of our catalog so we decided to put that to the test by building a 57 Resto-Mod for the 50th anniversary of the 1957 Chevy.  The car came out really nice and it was built with items readily available in the Danchuk catalog.  It has been displayed on the front lawn of our building in Santa Ana, California ever since.  Super Chevy even dubbed it “Lawn Art” in an article they did on the car back in 2008.  (You can see everything about that build by clicking HERE).

Now you would think that a clean up of a 12 year old frame off restoration, acid dip down to metal..Morrison Chassis, nothing old, that was used as Lawn Art would go off without a hitch. Well, read on.  It was anything but…. Continue reading