It’s Almost Time To Put Our Babies To Bed

Winter Tri-Five
As the days get shorter and the evenings become cooler there are not too many more months left to enjoy our toys.  Soon, most of us will have to put them away until the warmer temperatures return.

To help you make sure your car comes out of hibernation in the best condition it can we put together a quick checklist of things you should probably be doing when that time comes.  Read On.

  • The first is a no brainer.  You want to find a safe, secure and dry spot to store your car.  Excess moisture can really take a toll when left unchecked for months. 
  • Wash your car.  And be sure to clean top and underneath.  Road debris and grime needs to be cleaned away so it does not create problems.
  • Wax the car.  Besides being a lot of fun, waxing will help maintain the shine and will protect and preserve the color of your paint during the winter months.
  • Clean the upholstery.  Get all those loose fries and pieces of paper the kids, Continue reading

Measuring for Wheel and Tire Clearance
Buying wheels and tires is a major investment so you want to be sure that what you are buying will actually fit your vehicle and not cause problems.  Before you buy you have to determine if the rims will clear your disc brake set-up.  Will the tires rub on the frame, suspension or worse yet, the body.  To help you answer all these questions we put together this chart for measuring the actual clearance on your car.  All you have to do is plug in the measurements indicated and you will be able to choose wheels and tires that will not only look great but will fit perfectly.  Click on the pic to download the form for printing.
www.danchuk.comWheel and Tire Fitment Guide

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