1956 Chevy Lower Grille Mouldings Comparison Photos

Side-by-Sode 16811-10023. Click continue reading below for more pics.

Side by Side Comparison of 16811 and 10023.

We recently received a number of returns on part # 16811 1956 Lower Grille Mouldings because of a series of “pinches” in the ends of the part as a result of the manufacturing process. As it is made this way it is not defective with these flaws so we will not be responsible for shipping or return shipping if the item is returned.

We wanted our customers to see exactly what we are talking about so we took some photos of the # 16811 and our Made in the USA # 10023 to help you make an informed decision as to which part you want for your project.  In comparison the stainless part, Continue reading

Tri-Five Bumpers: The Search For A Perfect Fit

The chrome bumpers on a Tri-Five Chevrolet are one of the most important finishing touches of building your classic, and Danchuk Manufacturing offers the finest new, aftermarket bumpers available for 1955-56-57 Chevrolets. With all of the amazing builds at shows, on television and online, many people expect to find a “perfect fitting” bumper out of the box. The reality is that most “perfect fitting” bumpers needed much modification and adjustment to make them fit perfectly.

We have been doing some research of photos from the 1950’s of Tri-Five Chevrolets when they were new. Many of these photos were taken of cars built for advertising, and much care was taken by GM to get them adjusted as nice as possible. Even on these cars many variations in fitment can be seen.

Take a close look and you will see that practically none of these photos have a bumper that is perfectly aligned.  To get the look you see most of the time on today’s builds there is a boatload of work involved.  And then some.



You can see in this photo that the front bumper is angled down as it goes towards the tire.

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