An Interview With Danchuk Customer, Greg Rummel

Father and Son 1955 Chevrolet 210 Restoration

As a surprise for his dad, Greg Rummel contacted us and asked if we would autograph a poster of he and his Dad’s project car, which they built over the years using Danchuk parts.  When he came to pick up the signed poster he agreed to sit down with Christine Danchuk and tell us a little about the 1955 Chevy project he and his father started when he was just 17.  Thanks for taking the time, Greg.  We really loved hearing your Tri-Five story.

CPP Super Chevy “Week to Wicked” Presented by Golden Star 1955 Chevy Build
Last week there was another round of the Super Chevy “Week to Wicked” series. This time they were building a 1955 Chevy for CPP (Classic Performance Products) and Danchuk donated a number of beautiful “Made in the USA” parts to the project. As usual they started bright and early on Monday Morning Continue reading

Christmas Photo Submission & Contest – 2019

Who’s thinking about Christmas already? Not many, but Danchuk is!  We are preparing our 2019 Christmas Sale catalog, and we would like to include a few Tri-Five Christmas themed photos from our customers to make it more…Christmassy.

We won’t be able include all your submissions, of course, but if you have a nice Christmas themed photo or two of your Tri-Five that you would like to share with the world, please submit them by September 30th, 2019 by using the Contact Form below.

Photos that are chosen to be included in the catalog will receive a special Christmas Gift from Danchuk.

And, just to make it a little more fun (and give you some incentive to maybe decorate your Tri-Five with some lights and tinsel for a photo.  Maybe include a wee Christmas Tree), we will have a contest during the Christmas sale for the most popular photo submission which will be voted on and ultimately chosen by our customers and their friends.  If you submit the most popular photo you will win a $500.00 Danchuk Gift Credit.  1st runner up will win Continue reading

Danchuk Customer Car Photo Shoot – May 14, 2019

Danchuk – 57 2-Door Hardtop

For 2019 (and beyond) we are expanding our show schedule and we wanted to do a cool backdrop for our display booth that featured a solid red ’55, solid white ’56 and solid blue ’57…to signify that Danchuk is Made in the USA.  Our Art Director, Natalie, also had some ad ideas that would require solid black cars, one of each year. Unfortunately Continue reading

57 Wagon With A Purpose


57 Wagon With A Purpose.
Blake Evans and “The Sweet Patina ALS Road Trip Challenge”
Sweet Patina is the name of one very cool patinaed ‘57 Chevy wagon owned by Blake Evans of McKinney, Texas. This is the story of how Blake acquired and then restored this ’57 wagon and how his love of cars, his passion for helping people and his career in Physical Continue reading

Building A Dream, Kevin & Billy Mitchell’s 1957 4-Door Hardtop

Kevin Mitchell 57 Side View
To say that the restoration of this 57 Chevy 4-door was a labor of love for Kevin Mitchell would be a huge understatement. It was more like the realization of a life long dream he shared with his father since he was a little boy. You see, Kevin’s dad was what you call in the trade, a gear head. And, as it turned out, so became his son Kevin. When Kevin was growing up he and his father spent hours and hours going thru parts catalogs and magazines planning together and fantasizing about what they were, someday, going to do with that 57 Chevy in the basement. Continue reading