Super Chevy Coverage of the Inaugural Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals

World’s Largest Gathering of ’55-‘57 Chevys at the Tri-Five Nationals

It’s been over 60 years since the first Tri-Five Chevy hit dealer showrooms. And, in that time, the model triumvirate of Chevrolets hasn’t lost any of their popularity. This was easily proven at the inaugural Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals presented Super Chevy magazine and produced by Woody’s Hot Rodz. With 1,758 1955-’57 Chevys filling up the car show space at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky, it was easily the largest gathering of Tri-Fives in one place since they were being built and filled the lots at GM factories across the country.

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American Tri-Five Association

American Tri-Five
There is a new organization that is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the 1955-1956-1957 Chevy cars, Corvettes and trucks. The American Tri-Five Association. Established in 2015 and officially announced at the Inaugural Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals the American Tri-Five Association pledges to NEVER stray into other years, makes or models. In Fact, if they ever do they will refund every penny in membership fees you ever paid be it 1 or 20 years. Yearly membership is only 45.00 in the US & Canada or 90.00 if you live outside the US and includes a subscription to the American Tri-Five Association magazine. 9 yearly copies will come to your door chock full of Tri-5 specific articles and features and best of all NO ADS. Get all the details at and become a Member today.

American Tri-Five Association Announced at Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals
On Friday August 14th, Chris Sondles announced the creation of the New American Tri-Five Association at the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals reception at the Corvette Museum which is dedicated to the 1955-1956-1957 Chevrolet model years exclusively. Watch the announcement video and then go to the website at or the Facebook page at

Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals Coverage at
We were very excited when Super Chevy Magazine came on board to present the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals so we were not surprised to see articles on the show show up on Super Chevy’s Website.  Danchuk thanks Super Chevy for their participation in the event and we look forward to working with you in 2016. Follow these links to read what the Magazine had to say.


World’s Largest Tri Five Gathering Storms Bowling Green

Day One Coverage…

We are here at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals where the largest grouping of 1955-1957 Chevys we’ve ever seen has been amassed. We’ll have a tally of cars at the end of the event but for now, you’ll have to trust us – it’s big! Below we’ve put together some galleries from the events first-day happenings. Stay tuned for more updates and even more photos of your favorite Tri Five Chevys.

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Some of the Nicest and Fastest Chevys at the 2015 Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals

Day Two Coverage…

Yesterday we promised tons more photos from the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Well, since we are folks of our word, enjoy the following galleries of some of the nicest and fastest Tri Five Chevy’s you have ever seen. Today concludes, the event but boy has it been a memorable one. Over 2,000 ’55-’57 Chevy’s graced the premises and the Goldenstar Auto ’55 Giveaway car build by Woody’s Hot Rodz found a new home.

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The Inaugural Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals Makes History

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Unless you have been living on Mars the past year you no doubt have heard about the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals that was held August 14-15, 2015 in Bowling Green, Kentucky at Beech Bend Raceway. Over 1850 Tri-Five Chevy’s came out to the event which makes this the largest gathering of Tri-Fives in history. All manner of cars were represented from stockers, projects, RestoMods and way over the top custom builds. It truly was a sight to behold…Tri-Five Chevy’s as far as the eye could see and stuffed into every nook and cranny of the raceway grounds. There was also an AutoCross course and Drag Racing and a huge Tri-Five swap meet, vendors like Holley, Edelbrock and Lokar….something for everyone. Next years 2016 event is already being planned for August 12-13, 2016 and we expect it to be even bigger than the 2015 show. If you did not attend and you are a Tri-Five Chevy owner or fan this is one show that you should plan to attend. Get more info at

Calling All Cars at the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals!

The Danchuk Tri-Five
As you may know Danchuk has a YouTube Channel, Danchuk USA. On it we post how to videos, Tech Videos and sometimes interesting stuff we find around the web. We also produce interview videos where we talk to Tri-Five enthusiasts about their cars and the stories behind them.

We are looking for 15 or so people who are coming to the show who would be interested in letting Christine Danchuk talk to them about their restoration and their car story. We are also looking for 2 Veterans who are bringing their car to the show to interview. If you would be willing to talk to us please send us an email at Include a picture of your car and please supply the information below.

1. Name, Occupation, Veteran?
2. Year & Model of your car
3. Where you live, City, State, Country?
4. Stock or RestoMod or Custom or Race Car
5. A short paragraph letting us know what makes your story and car unique.
6. Has your car been featured in any magazines?

You can see examples of our past interviews by following this link to the playlist Customer Spotlight.

Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals – Over 1000 Vehicles Pre-Registered

The Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals Facebook

Last week the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals, sponsored by Super Chevy Magazine and produced by Woody’s Hot Rodz, set a record for any Tri-Five only event; they surpassed 1000 vehicles pre-registered.  This officially makes the T5N the largest gathering of Tri-Five Chevy’s in history, and with almost 2 full months to go before the event this promises to be a Monster of a show.  Come join us at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY August 14-15 and help us make Tri-Five history!

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