Customer Cars From Email Blast 07/30/2021
This is another group of cars sent in by people all over. Enjoy…

This black on black/red 57 2-door hardtop was sent in Barry Conrad in Canada. What a beauty…thanks for sharing, Barry.

Barry Conrad - Canada - 00002

Barry Conrad – Canada

Barry writes… “Hello from Nova Scotia Canada….This 57 came from NC USA years ago and I was lucky enough to find it for sale in my home town…It was a good old HOTROD but I had a vision of the original black paint and blk/red interior with a little bit of me thrown in lol…After a body off restro and a pile of dough i’m crusin…yee haw, luv it…283/400/3:55…still buying bling for it tho…it never ends..CHEERS”.
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Customer Cars From Email Blast 07/23/2021

We love it when we get photos from overseas. We get a ton from Australia and New Zealand where the Tri-Five scene is HUGE.  We also get a lot from Canada, Sweden and Norway, where this one comes from.

Sent in by Stig Joar Sanden, this is one beautiful ’57 convertible. Have a look…

Stig Joar Sanden - Norway - 00001

Stig Joar Sanden – Norway

Stig writes… “The car has gone through a total frame-off renovation in Tennessee for some years ago. I imported the car to Norway in 2018, and have enjoyed some nice rides with it on sunny days here in Norway. It has a 350cid crate engine and a TH350, and works very well”.


This cool ’56 Nomad was sent in to us by Mike Wells. Thanks for sharing, Mike. Nothing cooler than a Nomad.


Mike Wells – USA

Mike writes… “This 1956 Nomad was my Dad’s baby. If you wanted to find my Dad, he would be in the garage working on this car. My Dad passed away from brain cancer almost five and a half years ago. He never got to enjoy this car on the road. The Nomad still needs interior and some tailgate pieces. It’s had a frame off restoration with a 502 big block, 700R4 trans, and a Currie 9” rear end. The Nomad has PPG Envirobase paint with the PPG Envirobase Ultra Gloss clear coat. This is one car that will not leave the family. Any recommendations on a trustworthy shop to finish the nomad up would be greatly appreciated”.


Marty Abel sent in these pics of his ’56 4-door hardtop. We love 4-door hardtops…they are soooo cool. Thanks for sharing, Marty.

Marty Abel - 00005

Marty Abel – USA


This last car was sent to us by Maggie Cox. Beautiful, Maggie. Thanks for sharing.
Maggie writes… “Original 1957 Belair, 3 on the tree with front and back bumper guards. Made in Atlanta, Georgia and still in Calhoun, Georgia about 65 miles north of its birth place.”
Maggie Cox - 0001

Maggie Cox – USA



Every one of these cars has a story…and we want to hear yours. Please go to and follow the instructions to send us YOUR car story and pics. WE PROMISE that if you do we will feature them on our Blog, in our emails and in our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Customer Cars From Email Blast 07/01/2021
This first car was sent in by Troy Roberts. Thanks for sharing, Troy. Beautiful car.

Troy Roberts - 00001

Troy Roberts – USA

Troy writes… “California car, built in the Oakland plant, I bought it in 2002 from a guy who I am still friends with to this day, it’s a Louisiana car now, paint job is 17 years old, most people can’t believe it. It stays garaged and out of the elements until spring when it’s time to go cruisin. We drive (not trailer) it to Cruisin the coast in Biloxi MS every year, it”s got a 350 engine with a 700r transmission. We get around 18.5 mpg and have been going to Cruisin The Coast for 17 years now. I just got a Danchuk radiator shroud but have not put it on yet”. Continue reading

Customer Cars From Email Blast 06/24/2021

Richard Thomas and his son dropped by the showroom last week and we were able to get some pics of his beautiful ’56 Nomad. Have a look.

Richard Thomas - 00001

Richard Thomas – USA

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Customer Cars From Email Blast 06/17/2021
We are now using photos sent to us in March 2021. Thank you to everyone who has shared their pics and story to date. We appreciate it.
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This one was sent to us by Stanford Pauley. A beautiful 1955 2-door hardtop. Thank you for sharing, Stanford.

Stanford Pauley - 00003 2

Stanford Pauley – USA

Stanford writes… “Our 1955 Bel Air Sport Coupe is a remake of my original High School Bel Air. I bought my original 55’ in 1969. Built it in Auto Shop class in South Kitsap High School. Drove it my senior year and then got drafted and sent to Vietnam. When I returned it had been stripped. Continue reading

Customer Cars From Email Blast 06/3/2021

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send in your car pics and stories. This group is the last from February 2021 so we start March next time.
Click the photos for a better look.


This first one is a beauty sent to us by Lawrence & Sherry Chassie. Check out the cool mural under the hood. Very nice. Thanks for sending in your pics and story, Lawrence & Sherry.

Lawrence writes… “My name is Lawrence Chassie, my wife sent in the pictures for me. The story behind the car goes as such. Car was born in TaryTown, NY. Gypsy red and ivory white. 265 V8 and 3 on the tree standard transmission. Car now has 51,000 miles on it. Over the years I have purchased many new parts from you people and have always been very happy with the fit and finish. You people that work there should be really proud of the product you produce. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Lawrence Chassie.

P.S. I should have added I am from Kamloops, British Columbia,Canada”.

Lawrence & Sherry Chassie - 00002 2

Lawrence & Sherry Chassie – USA

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