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1956 hood bars haven’t been this good since the fifties and maybe not even then.  Danchuk makes these right here in the United States of America using brand new A-class tooling.  We spent over a year working to make sure the molds were absolute perfection and our efforts have paid off ten-fold.  These parts are not only perfect in shape and fit, but you literally can’t get a better quality casting to work with.  We still hand work, fit and inspect each and every casting prior to sending them off for the best quality chrome plating money can buy.  And you can’t make the hood bars without making perfectly matching extensions.  When we set out to make all the hood bars we knew that they just wouldn’t be complete without the extensions.  Our extensions next to our hood bars match so perfectly you won’t believe it.  We may sell these separately but if you don’t already have our hood bar you may want to consider the whole set.  Danchuk # 461 will work on any 1956 classic Chevy.  Made in the United States of America.

Danchuk has the largest selection of quality 55, 56, 57 parts for your classic Chevy project.

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