Chevy LS3 Wiring Harness and Controller Kit, GM 19201861



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This GM kit includes all the components you will need to run your GM Performance LS3 crate engine. 

The kit includes:

19166573 Engine Harness
12576410 Mass Air Flow Meter
19166574 Mass Air Flow Meter Mounting Boss
10367117 Accelerator Pedal Assembly
12581966 Oxygen Sensor (Qty 2 Per Kit)
15156588 Oxygen Sensor Mounting Boss (Qty 2 Per Kit)
19171935 Instruction Sheet

Danchuk # 16539 will work on any 1955-1957 classic Chevy with an LS3 engine conversion as well as other vehicles you may have in your collection.

Danchuk has the largest selection of quality 55, 56, 57 parts for your classic Chevy project.