Professional Products Chevy Powerforce Harmonic Damper, 6-3/4'', SB V8, Externally Balanced



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The Powerforce line of high performance street dampers are the highest quality, cost effective vibration damper you can buy.  They feature easy to read timing marks painted white on a black background and a mark every 90° as well.  Timing marks go from 60 BTDC to TDC.  Danchuk # 13739 will work on any 1955-1957 classic Chevy with a 383/400 small block V8 and a 6-3/4" externally balanced damper as well as other vehicles you may have in your collection.  Not SFI approved.  Made in the USA. 


Note:  This damper has a removeable counter weight, but if you remove the counterweight it will not be neutrally balanced.  This cannot be used for interally balanced damper applications. 

Danchuk has the largest selection of quality 55, 56, 57 parts for your classic Chevy project.

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