Why Danchuk?


Lowest Prices

Why Danchuk is The Best
for 55-56-57 Chevys


Lowest Prices

We work hard to be sure that we have the best pricing in the industry that we proudly guarantee it. You can come to Danchuk and purchase your products with the confidence of knowing that if you find the identical product at a competitor we will match the price! That’s right, when you buy it from us if the identically manufactured item is currently advertised in a competitor's catalog or website (URL required) for less then we will match that price. All you need to do is send us a copy of the current advertised price from their catalog or the website and it’s done. The competitor must be in the restoration industry and the offer is limited to their current published price at time of purchase.


Best Quality Guaranteed

When you shop at Danchuk you are doing so knowing that we guarantee we have the best quality products in the industry. We’re in our fourth decade of manufacturing quality USA products right here in our own facility from class A tooling also produced in-house!


Throughout our catalog on numerous parts, you may notice that we give you the choice between two versions of a particular part. What this means is there are two vendors, many times Danchuk and another company, that manufacture this item. Generally the only difference between a part labeled "Best" and a part labeled "Good" is the quality, perhaps fit, and where it is made. We’ve labeled what we feel is the better verions "Best" and the other version "Good". Both versions should function properly and will always carry the same Danchuk guarantee. We do this so our customers have the option to choose the quality and price on parts available with more than one vendor.


Most 5-6-7 Experience

When you focus every resource you have on one single line of parts, 1955-57 Chevrolet only, you are able to easily become the industry leader in knowledge like we have. We don’t carry eight different lines of parts for many reasons, one of which is that we strive to be the absolute best we can be and that means having dozens of employees with vast knowledge of our car line. We are proud to say that we literally have well over 100 years of technical knowledge in the 5-6-7 industry.


Best Shipping In The Industry

We have spent decades perfecting our shipping efficiency in both speed, quality and, of course, price. We don’t add unnecessary price increases to our parts like some so we can give you a discounted shipping price smoke screen. We price our products as low as we can and do our best to maintain a 24 hour order turn around time to get you your parts as quickly as possible and then the icing on the cake is simple. We only charge you exactly what the shipper (FEDEX in most cases) charges, no add-ons, no handling fees, nothing but the book rate.


Best Returns Policy In The Industry

We’ve dedicated our lives to 55-57 Chevys for over 35 years now. There isn’t a legitimate reason for returning a product we haven’t heard and we embrace them all. When you shop at Danchuk we want you to do it with the confidence that you need to purchase everything on your list knowing that if for any reason you decide within 30 days that you don’t want or need a product you can send it right back for a full refund. And, since you are dealing with the largest USA manufacturer of 55-57 products you have the confidence of knowing that you are dealing direct with the factory and quality issues are a thing of the past here.


567 Catalog

That’s right, not only do we have the most complete and beautiful catalog in the industry but we will send it to you for FREE!  We do, however, charge the shipping costs on catalogs shipping outside of the US and US Territories.  

Catalogs that ship to locations inside the US will ship Priority Mail for Free.

Catalogs that ship to Canada will incur a $25.00 shipping charge.  Catalogs shipped to Canada will include a $25.00 catalog voucher which can be used towards a single order and Parts ONLY.

Catalogs that ship to anywhere except the US and Canada will incur a $35.00 shipping charge.  Catalogs shipped to anwhere except the US and Canada will include a $35.00 catalog voucher which can be used towards a single order and Parts ONLY.


Danchuk 5-6-7 Update Club

Even if you’re not a Danchuk customer, give us a call to get added to our mailing list so you will receive a minimum of four mailings a year with helpful tech articles, cool customer rides, show schedules and, of course, pages and pages of parts specials to help you along with your project, all for FREE!! We also pride ourselves on having one of the most beautiful and user-friendly e-commerce websites in the industry.


USA All The Way!!!

We’re so proud we manufacture more quality 5-6-7 Chevrolet parts in the USA than anyone else, we just can’t say it enough. The parts that we make in our Santa Ana, CA facility are manufactured the same way Chevy did it over 50 years ago. At Danchuk we feel we have a responsibility to help strengthen our country by supporting American products and we are doing our part to make USA made parts available to you.