Official Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc. Coupon(s) Page

We have noticed that there are a number of bogus coupon sites that claim to have legitimate Danchuk Coupon Codes that customers can use to get a discount off their purchase on our webite.

While we do occasionally offer discounts and coupon codes to use on our website we do not advertise those promotions on any site other than one that belongs to Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc.

We advertise specials with coupon codes and other promos on our website banners on our website homepage...

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We advertise via our Email blasts that go out one time a week or so to our customers email...

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We also advertise on Social Media...

Danchuk USA on Facebook,

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Danchuk USA on Instagram,

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Danchuk USA on Twitter.

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If you did not find the coupon code or promotion in any of these places then rest assured that it is either expired or bogus.  Either way we cannot honor it and it WILL NOT be automatically applied to your cart at checkout as they claim.

Please beware of these types of sites that are usually offshore and get paid to get you to click on a link that goes to one of the companies they contract with who are just trolling to get any information on you they can.  Please surf the internet safely.

- Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc.