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Could it be done was the question.

Danchuk Red 57 Chevy Belair Driver Side Stainless Headlight Bezel H-4 Headlights Smooth Bumper Bullet Grille Bar Silver Grille 

Danchuk 1957 Bel Air Classic Chevy in Super Chevy Magazine See the 1957 Bel Air Classic Chevy article in Super Chevy Magazine

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The Danchuk 1957 Chevy project was a labor of love for a number of us here at Danchuk, a first.  Rest assured, Danchuk has restored a number of cars over the years as display cars for our showroom in Santa Ana, not to mention the cars in Dan and Art Danchuk's personal collections (we can't remember when those guys DIDN'T have a project going) but Danchuk restorations were always bone stock original restorations.  Beautiful cars to be sure, but not what we had seen more and more of through the years pulling up in front of our Santa Ana Headquarters. Click on the blue below to view.